All Products has been tested under multi location Trials
A unique organic fertilizer- Neem based with rich organic carbon substances used in agriculture and horticulture crops. NEMATE Gro is certified by INDOCERT for Input Approved in Organic Agriculture. The product is registered for trade mark and patented and the status is “Patent Pending”.

TeckTop is an Innovative product obtained from crop specific marine algae and superior balanced humic and fulvic acids in addition to bacterial and Pseudomnas Cultures for better control of fungal and bacterial diseases and pest mgt.

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A unique product derived from natural extracts, which contains all essential nutrients like major, secondary and micro nutrients and organic carbon. Also presence of abundant plant growth enhancing compounds which improves crop growth, protection and yield.

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Neem Fit is an excellent organic fertilizer. The high azadirachtin content in Neem Fit protects crops against parasite nematodes and enriches the soil.

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We use high quality Neem seed kernels to extract Neem Oil using a process of cold pressing that preserves the inherent natural levels of azadirachtin and other liminoids.

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