Neem Oil

We use high quality Neem seed kernels to extract Neem Oil using a process of cold pressing that preserves the inherent natural levels of azadirachtin and other liminoids.

Neem Oil is used to protect plants and crops against pests. Add any suitable emulsifier to form a 0.5% emulsion and use as a foliar spray and soil drench spray on plants and crops. It is effective against insecticide-resistant pests, highly environmentally compatible, non-toxic to mammals and birds, and does not affect beneficial insects. There are no entry restrictions for the product, and it is thus ideal for integrated pest management programs. In the sphere of pest control, that pure Neem oil, diluted in water with an emulsifier had better efficacy than formulations that "artificially" fortify azadirachtin levels.

Methods of Spray :
Step 1
Take one litre of water and add 10 gms of emulsifier and stir well. To this add 50 ml Neem oil and stir vigourously. Mix the ready solution to 10 litres of Knapsack sprayer.
Step 2
For tractor drawn sprayer, take 25 litres of water, to this add 2 kgs of emulsifier and stir well. Add 10 litres of neem oil and stir vigourously and add the prepared solution to 2000 litres of water for spraying.
It is very essential to add the emulsifier and mix properly. This should be used immediately before the oil droplets start floating. A knapsack sprayer is better for Neem oil spraying in preference to a hand sprayer.
Spraying should be undertaken in the morning or late in the evening. During hot conditions the frequency of spraying should be more. In winter spraying once in 10 days and in rainy season, every day spraying is recommended.
Insects lay eggs on the underside of the leaves. Hence it is important to spray on the underside of the leaves as well.
Pure Neem Oil
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