This product is derived by using neem kernel crushed under cold pressed method. This helps to preserve azadirachtin and nutrient content at a higher level, which helps the crop for better nutrient efficiency besides protection from pests and diseases.

Neem fit mainly comes in the form of pellets, granules and fine powder.

For best results, neem fit must be mixed with other organic fertilizers such as seaweed, and farmyard manure or any other organic manure, to an extent of 10% to 15% by weight, and applied. Neem fit promotes the slow and controlled release of nitrogen.

Neem fit is the residue obtained from pure neem seed kernels, which have been crushed to extract the oil. This cake is an excellent organic fertilizer with high N-P-K values.



4.0 % minimum


0.7 % minimum

K as K20:

0.9 % minimum

Application rate: 
(kg. per hectare)

50 Kgs
Neem fit can also be mixed with organic fertilizers and inorganic fertilizers (urea and other complex fertilizers) as well to promote the slow release of nitrogen. This facilitates absorption of nitrogen by plants.
Neem fit Granules dosed at 250 kg. Per hectare has the efficacy of commercial neem cake at a dosage of 1000 kg. per hectare.
Main Benifits Neem fit protects plants and crops against parasitical nematodes. It enhances crop yield. The fertility of the soil is preserved. This can be seen by an increase in earthworm population in tracts where Neem fit , are healthier and do not require frequent spraying with harmful chemicals.
Neem Fit - Pellets
Neem Fit - Granules
neemfit granules
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